What is PLANET research group

Physical Layer Aware NETworking (PLANET) originates in 2015 from the larger optical communication (OptCom) group at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. It is a research team composed by researchers and PhD candidates and led by Prof. Vittorio Curri. The main areas of interest are related to the fiber optical propagation modelling and the definition of architectures in order to implement flexibility, automation and optimization on optical transmission systems.

Our mission

5G, cloud computing and DCI will drive a dramatic increase in the IP traffic over the next years. Operators aim at exploiting the existing infrastructures to maximize their return on CAPEX. The answers to these requests are moving-on towards the exploitation of data transport over the installed cables beyond the C-band and opening up network hardware and software to reduce user costs and maximize operator and vendor returns.

The mission of the PLANET team by OptCom is to abstract multi-band data transport by simulation and mathematical modelling in order to enable the physical layer awareness for multi-band open optical networking and open network engineering, planning, management and controlling.

Our collaborations

In the field of scientific research, the achievement of important objectives derives from the sharing of knowledge and teamwork. The PLANET team is actively involved in the Wideband Optical Networks (WON) European Training Network, favoring the development of multidisciplinary skills. Furthermore, there is a close collaboration with LINKS Foundation which allows the carrying out of innovative experimental research in its photonics laboratory.