Elliot London

PhD Candidate




IRIS, PoliTo



Elliot London is a PhD student in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, working as part of the Wideband Optical Network (WON) group.

Elliot was born in 1994 near Southampton in the United Kingdom. He graduated from Swansea University, first with a 1st-class bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2017, followed by a research master’s degree (MRes) in Laser Physics in 2019, with his thesis in the latter written on the topic of spatial control of laser beams using evolutionary (specifically, genetic) algorithms.

His previous professional experience includes Fibre Laser Engineer at SPI Lasers (Southampton, UK, 2018-2019), where he worked as a member of the, CW-laser R&D department, aiding the development of components for the next generation of fiber lasers and the project engineer for a product line high-power fiber lasers.

In June 2019 Elliot received the scholarship “Observing and modelling the NLI generation in optical line systems at very-high symbol rate”, starting his work at the Politecnico di Torino. He started his PhD in September 2019 and currently works on the modelling and simulation of the physical layer of wideband optical networks, with a particular focus on the disaggregated network scenario.