Hasan Awad

PhD Student




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Hasan Awad was born in Lebanon in 1993. He is a distinguished Telecommunications Engineer, and physicist. He possesses a rich educational background, holding dual master’s degrees in Engineering and Quantum Physics and Photonics from France and Lebanon. His professional journey includes a significant tenure at Polytechnique de Paris, France, where he engaged in cutting-edge research and development. This experience contributed to his five years of industrial experience in optical fiber networks.

Hasan is currently pursuing his PhD within the Optical Communications (OptCom) Research Group, at Politecnico di Torino, Italy’s first and oldest engineering school, with a robust legacy dating back to 1859.

Under the mentorship of Professor Vittorio Curri, an esteemed figure in the global Optical Telecommunications industry, Hasan is focusing on the early detection of earthquakes. His PhD research employs terrestrial Optical Fiber Networks in an innovative and novel smart grid sensing approach.

Hasan’s diverse experiences, both academic and professional, paint a picture of a deeply committed, technically proficient, and globally aware engineer and scientist, poised to make significant contributions to the field.